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Tutoring Services & Pricing

Private lesson,45min €19*

Group lesson,45min €25

Chat session,30min €10

Email support €5

* €19 / lesson when 20+ lessons prepaid
€20 / lesson when 10+ lessons prepaid
€21 / single lesson.

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How To Book a Lesson?

Check Tutor availability from the Calendar and book your lesson by sending email to info(at)finnish-online.com


Finnish Online offers affordable online Finnish language tuition for students, professionals and anybody who wants to learn and master this beautiful and ever challenging language.

Private Lesson
Our professional and qualified teachers are ready to give you Finnish lessons tailored to your needs. FinnishOnline one to one private lessons are carried out using Skype. Our prices start from only €19 for 45 min lesson!

Group Lesson
Group lessons are carried out using Skype conference call option and work well with a group of 2-4 students. You can have group lesson with Finnish learners you know or you can ask Finnish Online to hook you up with a suitable group for you. Group lesson prices start from €25 for 45 min lesson.

Self Learning Modules
Self Learning Modules combined with Email and/or Chat Support is a good way to learn basic language structure and to revise&rehearse your Finnish grammar. Price per module is only

Chat Support
Aim of Chat Support is to help students with pronunciation, conversational and other speech related matters in Finnish. Price for Chat Support is
€10 for 30min session.

Email Support
Email Support is basically Finnish language related 'question - answer' service and works hand in hand with Self Learning Modules as an exercise feedback&checking channel. It is reasonably priced for
€5 per email. Larger text materials spell checking/proofreading is priced by the time it takes from the tutor (€5 per 15min).

Course categories

Site news

Suomi 1&2
by Joni L - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 03:18 PM
  You will learn to cope with passable simple everyday conversations and contact situations, as well as writing concise texts on familiar topics. You will also learn to express opinions and feelings, to agree on a meeting and talk on the phone.Learning the basic and essential vocabulary.
Suomi 3
by Joni L - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 03:17 PM
  You will learn to discuss and write about a variety of topics and to express opinions, requests and orders. You will also learn to use the Finnish language polite proposals and tentatively distinguish between different linguistic registers.
Suomi 4
by Joni L - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 10:18 AM
  Learning to express oneself more and more diverse. Introduction to spoken and written language differences. Read short newspaper and other factual texts, as well as a dictionary to write texts on various subjects.
Learn Finnish Online
by Joni L - Tuesday, 29 January 2013, 10:22 PM
  Learn Finnish Online is up and running!


You can look around our site without registering but to be able to enrol for courses, use chat etc. you will have to sign in. So, why don't you do it straight away, it's complitely FREE! big grin

To register as a student, please, send email to info(at)finnish-online.com

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